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Community of Ordinary Saints

Community of Ordinary Saints

We are a non-residential community, who are committed to being an affirming and welcoming space for all. This is reaffirmed in our Kaupapa: “This community is committed to being a safe space for all, across the full diversity of the Anglican Church, including the rainbow community and whānau (parents or caregivers with children).”

Within our group we have members from across the rainbow community, and we strive to be a space where anyone can come as they are, as openly as they feel comfortable to be. Practical examples of this are introductions always including preferred pronouns, members of the group attending Pride marches, and to seminars such as “God is Queer” hosted by SCM and Steff Fenton, and the Awaken Conference as well as being involved in advocacy work (eg. submissions made supporting the ban of conversion therapy).

We have an open and inclusive approach to theology, with members of the steering group taking a particular interest in Queer theology, alongside feminist/womanist theology, ecotheology and liberation theology. We aim to be a safe space to unpack theology that has discriminated against populations and reclaim Biblical narratives and themes in ways that are more accurate, as well as inclusive, and seek to understand the lens we each bring Christianity.

Within this, we also acknowledge that we are not perfect, and need to continue to learn, grow and take on feedback from our community and others. We are committed to this journey of learning, and will continue to actively take part in learning opportunities that will enhance our ability to provide safety, inclusion and affirmation for the rainbow community.


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