In November of 2016 in Ponsonby Auckland, Awaken Conference opened its door to 120 attendees. People had come from all over NZ and overseas, from across demographics. They heard from our keynote speaker Justin Lee who we flew over from the states to share his experience as a Gay Christian.

These people came to feel affirmed (many for the first time) for their gender and sexual identity, through their faith tradition. For LGBTQI+ Christians, their faith tradition has often been weaponized against them. When the bible has been used to justify sexual and gender repression and culturally shame people for being who God made them to be, damage has been done.

Awaken Conference proudly affirmed people across sexuallity and gender spectrums, by facillitating a safe environment were we could meet others, share stories, and be ourselves. It was an incredible weekend with meaningful services (traditional and contemporary) and engaging electives on; parenting, relationships, transgender issues, theology and sexualtiy, coming out, what to do after you come out.