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This Is My Body

 Author: Christina Beardsley  Category: Christian transgender people  Publisher: Darton Longman and Todd  Published: May 6, 2016  ISBN: 0232532060

Much has been said and written about trans people by theologians and Church leaders, while little has been heard from trans Christians themselves. As a step towards redressing the balance, This Is My Body offers a grounded reflection on people s experience of gender dissonance that involves negotiating the boundaries between one s identity and religious faith, as well as a review of the most up-to-date theological, cultural and scientific literature. The book has been compiled and edited by Christina Beardsley, a priest and hospital chaplain, writer and activist for trans inclusion in the Church, and Michelle O Brien, who has been involved in advocacy, research, lecturing and writing about intersex and trans issues. It includes contributions from many people associated with the Sibyls, the UK-based confidential spirituality group for transgender people and their allies. “

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