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Sacred Sex

 Author: Barbara Lee  Category:  Published: 06 Nov, 2013  ISBN: 1939294185

Between sex as sin and sex as sport is an embrace of sexuality as a good gift. Between the teachings of “just say no” and “whatever turns you on” is a platform where we are free to love our bodies, relish sex, and marvel in this sacred gift. There can be a fine line between sex that harms and sex that heals. How will we make wise decisions about how we will and will not express our sexuality? This book advocates for the development of a Sexual Ethic that takes seriously the desires, needs and pains of our bodies. Living by a Sexual Ethic frees us to love our bodies and to celebrate the gift of sexual intimacy. A Sexual Ethic begins by recognizing that people of all sexual orientations and gender identities are sexual beings who have the innate right to experience a full and satisfying sex life. This book also discusses the movement of masculine and feminine energy in our sexual encounters. Finally, it addresses the damage caused by the separation of body and spirit in the objectification of human beings that is the mainstay of the sex industry.

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