Every week Rainbow Christians around New Zealand pluck up the courage to go to church. Some have been going since their childhood and have stayed despite their churches particular theology on gender and sexuality. There is a handful of Affirming Churches were Rainbow Christians are welcome to fully participate in the life of a local church.


Diverse Church connects people from all over New Zealand through the power of Facebook.¬†As many of our LGBT+ Christian community are at risk of losing their jobs, or leadership role at churches, friends or event families, it is important for us to have a secret and private group where people’s connection to the group remain anonymous.To help with this we have created two main Facebook areas:

Facebook Page: Our public window to the world! This is where we share articles, ideas, posts and other content with everyone. Anyone can ‘Like’ this page and follow our community.

Private Group: This is a secret group that only members can find. Once a member you can see other members but all member are invited by an admin once they are vetted. This ensures that this space remains safe.

To join the PRIVATE GROUP please use the Contact Us button below and just request to join the group. To become part of our public group, please select our Facebook Page below.